Brighton, London, Liverpool

'image in 4 pieces' is a meditation on seeing – how it both transmits and disrupts our perception of others, and our selves (seen through the eyes of others perhaps?).

A paper installation holds both a seemingly vulnerable performer and her audience. They watch her go from one action to an unexpected next, interacting with the repeated graphical shapes: screen and cloud, mask and photographs...

She continuously transforms the space and herself; rolling, unveiling, hiding... until she discovers the audience and turn them into her, or into their vision of themselves.

Only the rustle of paper can be heard.

Duration: 25-30 minutes.

Presented at:
Phoenix Gallery, Brighton, 2010
Coachwerks, Brighton, 2010
Brick Box, Brixton London, 2010
Brick Box, Tooting London, 2011
Casa de Brujas, Liverpool, 2011

Special thanks to Andy Towers for assistance and photo/video documentation.

Photos from performance at 'Wall into Pieces', Phoenix Gallery, Sep 2010.
Photo: Andy Towers