photo: Kostis Kairofylax

Liverpool, London, Athens, Aberystwyth, Brighton

Stick Piece is an interpretation of Yoko Ono’s Cut Piece, a durational performance where the audience realises the piece when asked to dress, or ‘create’ the performer in an unexpected and slightly unsettling way...
In Cut Piece, Ono sat motionless on stage after inviting the audience to come up and cut away her clothing. Often referred to as highlighting destruction and victimizing in interpersonal relations, Ono’s work also proposed a need for social unity and love.

In Stick Piece, I sit on the floor with the audience, inviting them to cover my already naked body in a new ‘dress’. By entrusting the audience to take responsibility for the performance, the symbiosis between performer and audience becomes apparent and the work a display of the audience’s intentions towards the performer - and ultimately towards each other as a collective.

"Enter the space with everyone
In the middle of the space, draw a circle with stickers
Sit inside the circle and place one sticker on your body
Stay still until all stickers have been used
Leave the space"

Stick Piece has been shown at
Spill Festival National Platform, London
OPA02 - On Performance Art, Athens
Showroom Aberystwyth, Aberystwyth Art Centre, Wales
Supperclub, The Basement, Brighton
Shunt Lounge, London
Metafex Festival, TAO Liverpool